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Installation and configuration

Where do I download this fantastic script ?

Download from the link on the original thread :

How do I install T.C.L. TypeX ?

See Installing and configuring section.


How do I use T.C.L. TypeX ?

In Eden :

  1. Create a player or a group of playable units.
  2. Create an enemy unit or a group of enemy units.

That's it !

To use advanced initialization, see T.C.L. group types

Against which groups will T.C.L. will be used ?

  • T.C.L. A.I. will fight against player units and playable (or switchable in Single Player game mode) units. In this case, T.C.L. will use all features.
  • T.C.L. A.I. will fight against other T.C.L. A.I. controlled groups using T.C.L. most features. This can be disabled in the TCL_System.sqf settings.
// T.C.L. Combat System: ( Initialize )
    // ------------------------------------------------------------
    // Choose ( False ) to initialize the A.I. combat system for player(s) and playableUnit(s) only.
    // True / False, default is True
      // TCL_System set [2, True];

On A.I. vs A.I. T.C.L. system, "A.I. react to weapon fire" and "A.I. react to suppressive fire" features are not used, for performance reasons.

How to exclude a group from T.C.L. control ?

  • Create a trigger,
  • In its text field, insert TCL_Disabled,
  • Synchronize any unit of the group you want to exclude with the trigger.

Could T.C.L. be used with other AI mods like ASR or VCOM AI ?

snkman said : "So far I did not try any combination with other none official AddOns / Mods to prevent any kind of conflict."

But to go further, see those posts :


My units don't use empty static weapons. Why ?

A.I. group needs at least 3 alive unit(s) and need to be within 100 meters to the static weapon

(source :

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