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Adios is the first ad blocker for iOS devices. It offers all the features of an ad blocker for desktop browsers:
  • More than 20 ad lists available, each of them blocking all the ads of websites from a specific country.
  • Adios removes all the social media buttons and block all the malicious scripts attempting to your privacy.
  • If you need to see the ads on a specific website, use the whitelist to do so.

tl;dr Adios is offering you the next Web. You don't want to be tracked, you don't want to see silly ads. You deserve a fast and readable Web that is not killing your data quota. You deserve Adios.

How to install it

Download the branch without-cloudkit and the Adios' dependencies using cocoapods. Adios needs Xcode 7 or newer.

What should I do with it?

Adios is an open-source base for an ad-blocker. The code has been developed in one month so some parts are quite messy. I encourage you to fork this project and start your own content-blocker using the good parts of Adios (the parser for example).

What is the difference between the two branches?


The branch master works with CloudKit so if you use it you need to configure a CloudKit database first. This database is really simple:

  • One record type Update
  • One field for this type called Version and make it a Int(64)
  • One record of this type, the name doesn't matter

When a user configure Adios it'll create a new subscription to this record, if you update this record from the CloudKit Dashboard the app will download the updated lists using the lists urls given in ListsManager.swift

The branch master needs a JS back-end, the lists used by Adios have to be on a website so that the app don't need to parse them. If you want to see how does it look, the first version of Adios was storing the lists here. To parse the lists (you'll need to do it, lists need to be updated frequently), use this npm module. If you want a demo, you can find one here.


The simplest app, the parsing is made directly in the app in DownloadManager.swift using Parser.swift. You do not need to set up a CloudKit database but the configuration of Adios will take a longer time. This application doesn't do background updates so it's not made for production.


An ad blocker for iOS working with EasyList rules.




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