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Traveling Through 2018

This repo contains the code necessary to generate what's hosted at


I tried to accomplish a bunch of different things here:

  • visualize travel data from 2018 (duh!)
  • explore the process of map creation from pure data (see "Map", below)
  • play with the Google Spreadsheet API instead of having to deal with a DB (see "Data" below)
  • learn about SVG as a technology; in particular its scaling and animation features
  • avoid using any JavaScript or CSS frameworks for once; only vanilla is allowed. This means doing feature-detection and progressive enhancement by hand, this means having to deal with vendor prefixes in places, this means having to write not-so-pretty code at times.


Built with data from NaturalEarthData and Mapnik. To re-build the map:

`make map`


This is taken from a Google Spreadsheet. To pull fresh data:

`make data`

This will create a new data/locations.html file. Then manually copy/paste its content in webapp/index.html.


No framework allowed here! Pure hand-written HTML/SVG/CSS/JS.

I'm also trying to do progressive enhancement. The data is there to begin with in a <table>, and the visualization elements built from this piece by piece.


This is a static page, hosted with Github pages:

$ git checkout gh-pages
$ make
$ git push origin HEAD

That's it!