React Native experimentation through a Songkick app.
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An experimentation to see how cool is React Native:

  • Bring continuous deployment to iOS 😍
  • Build native app without any Objective-C / swift knowledge
  • Enjoy a super-fast dev workflow



Screenshots be here

Note: results after a week as a side project. Probably not up to date.


Project setup

It took us 2h30 to have the complete target setup:

  1. Create the React Native app
  2. Create and configure access rights of the Amazon S3 buckets (while being complete Amazon noobs)
  3. Setup CircleCI for continuous deployment to S3
  4. Make the app download the javascript bundle from S3

Basic React Native

It literally takes 2 minutes to create and run a React Native app, including Live Reload and Chrome Dev Tools debugging. The project set experience could not be better.

Continuous Deployment

As React Native can download the javascript bundle from anywhere, not just locally, continuous deployment is as simple uploading a file and make it available on internet.

Amazon S3 setup

You need to create a bucket, a specific continuous deployment user and set the proper permission policy on this bucket. See the sample policy ./s3-bucket-policy.json.

Circle CI

You can define all your continuous deployment setup in a circle.yml file, defining the build, test and deploy steps. We copied and adjusted it from the london-react app

The only two things you need to from the CircleCI website is :

  • Add the project (duh)
  • Copy the Amazon S3 newly created user credentials in the AWS Permissions project settings view.
  • git push origin master
  • Sip some margarita

Mother effing splash and icons images

Who would have imagined how painful this could be?

Headache-less way of doing it:

  1. Create a 1000x1000px icon ; logo should be ~750px
  2. Create a 2048x2048px splash screen ; logo should be ~1000px, centered
  3. Install this app
  4. Pay £1.49 for the splash screen export, best £1.49 spent ever
  5. Follow the instructions, this is easy


Project local setup

fail to build 'RCTRootView.h' file not found, should happen by default (meh).

  1. You didn't forget to run npm install, did you?
  2. Click on the root project item
  3. Build settings
  4. Type Search path in the search box
  5. Switch Always Search User Paths to Yes
  6. Restart XCode
  7. Profit

I changed some js code but it doesn't show on built app?!

By default, this project is setup to run local code in simulator and S3 hosted code on a regular iPhone.

If you want to change that, go to the project settings in XCode, search for macros and make it DEBUG is define for your target platform to run local code, or undefined to run S3 hosted.