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Welcome to the Plenoptic-Simulation wiki! Here we provide additional information about our plenoptic camera simulation. A general overview of the plenoptic camera modeled in Blender is shown in the following image.


The magnified parts show the approximations that are necessary due to Blender's limitations as explained in the paper. In short, we only use an approximately correct geometry but recalculate the surface normals in the material shaders.

In the sections
Plenoptic Camera 1.0 Results
Plenoptic Camera 2.0 Results
Sub-aperture Images
we show some results from the corresponding plenoptic camera setups as well as sub-aperture images calculated via a standard algorithm.

Furthermore, we offer some explanations on how to use our simulation and the modification of certain values here:
MLAs and their configuration
Main lens apertures

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