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JsTrans is a Yii extension aiming to port the native Yii translations module to javascript. Language files can be published and used within javascript in almost the same way as Yii does server side. Currently supported are placeholders and plural forms (including expressions).


  • Download/clone JsTrans in extension folder (folder should be 'JsTrans')
  • Import the extension in main config: ('ext.JsTrans.*')



JsTrans can now be configured and loaded as a Yii component this way :

 // optionally to make jsTans available everywhere, without having to call 
 // Yii::app()->jsTrans before using it
 'preload'=>array('jsTrans', ... ), 
 // jsTrans configuration
		'categories'=>array('app'), // the categories to be made available 
		'languages'=>array('fr','es'), // the languages to be made available
		'onMissingTranslation'=>array('site/missingTranslation'), // optional route to handle untranslated messages

If you specify the onMissingTranslation parameter, add the following method in controllers/SiteController.php

public function actionMissingTranslation($category, $message, $language) {
	Yii::t($category, $message, null, null, $language);

We need to publish the translations to javascript for them to work. You can publish all your translations in a single location, or publish only parts in specific places. (e.g. controller or view)

 new JsTrans('app','nl');

The first parameter is the category, the second the language. Both accept single items as string or multiple as array. There is an optional third parameter to specify the default language. If nothing is passed, it will use the App default language.

If everything went well, the translations are published as a javascript file containing all the translations in JSON format. A hash is included in the filename, to distinguish between different languages/categories. By default the file is cached, you may need to empty the assets folder in order to force a refresh.

At this point, translations can be used in javascript:

Yii.t('app','My non-translated text');

Make sure there is a translation available to see the results.


(for demo purposes the default language is English, it could be any language)

Simple translation:

Yii.t('app','Hello world');  // Hello World

Simple translation with custom language:

Yii.t('app','Hello world','','fr');  // Bonjour tout le monde
Yii.t('app','Hello world','','de');  // Hallo Welt


Yii.t('app','Hello {name}',{name:'Michael'}); // Hello Michael

Multiple placeholders:

Yii.t('app','Hello {firstname} {lastname}', {firstname:'Michael', lastname:'Jackson'}); // Hello Michael Jackson

Plural forms:

Yii.t('app','Apple|Apples',0); // Apples
Yii.t('app','Apple|Apples',1); // Apple
Yii.t('app','Apple|Apples',2); // Apples

Plural forms with placeholders:

Yii.t('app','{n} Apple|{n} Apples',0); // 0 Apples
Yii.t('app','{n} Apple|{n} Apples',1); // 1 Apple
Yii.t('app','{n} Apple|{n} Apples',2); // 2 Apples

Plural forms with expressions:

Yii.t('app','0#No comments, be the first!|1#One comment|n>1#{n} comments',0); // No comments, be the first!
Yii.t('app','0#No comments, be the first!|1#One comment|n>1#{n} comments',1); // One comment
Yii.t('app','0#No comments, be the first!|1#One comment|n>1#{n} comments',2); // 2 comments

Plural forms with expressions and placeholders:

Yii.t('app','0#{name} has no mail|1#{name} has one mail|n>1#{name} has {n} mails',{n:0, name:'Pete'}); // Pete has no mail
Yii.t('app','0#{name} has no mail|1#{name} has one mail|n>1#{name} has {n} mails',{n:1, name:'Pete'}); // Pete has one mail
Yii.t('app','0#{name} has no mail|1#{name} has one mail|n>1#{name} has {n} mails',{n:2, name:'Pete'}); // Pete has 2 mails

(optional) Generate translations using Yiic

Yii can be configured to automatically scan javascript files for translations, for more info see

An example configuration could look like this:

return array(
    'sourcePath' => dirname(__FILE__) . '/../..',
    'messagePath' => dirname(__FILE__) . '/../messages',
    'translator' => 'Yii.t',
    'languages' => array('nl','de'),
    'fileTypes' => array('js'),
    'overwrite' => true,
    'exclude' => array(

Best practise is to keep your javascript translations in separate categories, otherwise they might override each other. This is a known limitation of the framework.