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Go to releases for the current build. Download concat.exe if you are on Windows and concat if want to use it on Ubuntu.


You need ffmpeg for this tool to work. On Windows you can get it here. On Ubuntu "sudo apt-get install ffmpeg" will work.


You have to call concat from the console.

Calling options:

  • -vod -vod="123456789" specify what vod you want to download or want quality informations on. Call with the number you find in the url of the vod eg ( => 123456789)
  • -start -start="0 0 0" (default: from the start)
  • -end -end="1 20 30" (default: till the end)
  • -quality -quality="720p60" if you don't set the quality concat will try to download the vod in the highest available quality, see -qualityinfo for all available quality options for each vod
  • -qualityinfo -qualityinfo
  • -max-concurrent-downloads -max-concurrent-downloads 5 change the number of chunks that concat will attempt to download simultaneously
  • -download-path -download-path="../path/to/dir" specify where the chunks and end file should be downloaded. By default it is your current working directory
  • -filename -filename="myfile" name of the final output file (without extension). By default it is the vodID
  • -audio -audio extracts the audio from the video file into a mp3
  • -audio-only -audio-only same as -audio however doesn't keep the video file
  • -try-count -try-count=5 amount of times concat should try fetching chunks. Set to 0 for infinite retries


When downloading the file, if using Safari, the extension will sometimes be switched from no extension to a .dms file, so you have to remove the extension.

Once you get the file without an extension, you have to run chmod +x ./concat_mac in terminal to associate the file as a unix executable or else terminal won't allow you to run it.

Deploy to Heroku version

More info

Blog post about the tool.

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