Urho3D application template with the base functionality which is required for most of the projects.
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App template with the following features:

  • Level management
  • UI Window management
  • LUA/AS mods with hot-reload
  • Sound management
  • Controll mapping and input management
  • Splitscreen support
  • Achievement logic
  • and many other features

How to build

Make sure that the URHO3D_HOME environment variable is set and points to the right directory. Build this the same way how you would build Urho3D engine itself


git clone https://github.com/ArnisLielturks/Urho3D-Empty-Project.git
cd Urho3D-Empty-Project
./cmake_generic.sh build
cd  build

If everything worked, build/bin directory should contain EmptyProject executable.

And of course here's the quick preview of how it should look in the end: alt tag

How to extend the functionality?

Read the wiki: https://github.com/ArnisLielturks/Urho3D-Empty-Project/wiki