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Sharing the code to expand upon.
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Sharing the code to solve issue's.

I have created a GUI application in C# that parses the TitleID etc. from Title Database and uses the NUSGrabber application from crediar.

His NUSGrabber console application can be found here.


What it does is just parsing the table from WiiUBrew's Wiki with the relevant data. In case of Game Updates, data such as the TitleID is retrieved and the "00050000-" of the ID gets replaced with "0005000E". Otherwise only the "-" is removed, to make it work with NUSGrabber.

The data is filled into the Comboboxes (aka Dropdownmenu's) and the user can click on the [Download] button. After which this application launches the NUSGrabber console with the parameters, based on the user's selection in the Comboboxes.


Loading screen

Main screen

Second screen

Third screen

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