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# Forum
## The aroma.* mailing list
For questions or comments related to any of the aroma.* packages,
please use the Google Group mailing list (**aroma-affymetrix [at]**):
You need to be a member to be able to post a message. *(Cannot access
Google Groups? Drop
adm[...]( "Reveal this e-mail address")
a message and we'll add you to the mailing list manually.)*
### Subscribe/Unsubscribe
In order to post a message, you need to be a member of the mailing list.
To signup, go to the above page and follow the instructions. It'll only
take a few seconds. If you still have problems, drop
adm[...]( "Reveal this e-mail address")
a message and explain the problem.
To unsubscribe, go to the above page and click on the 'My Settings' and
follow the instructions.
### Forum etiquettes
Please, in order to be able to help out and save time for everyone:
- Please use the mailing list - do *not* send questions to the
authors' private email addresses, cf. [FAQ](<%=pathTo('/FAQ/')%>).
- This is an open-source software which you can use immediately
without having to register. As a courtesy, please give your real
name and affiliation when posting messages. Anonymous posts are of
very low interest to us.
- Always provide the output `sessionInfo()` and `traceback()` in your
### Mailing list archive
- [Google Groups
(archive goes back to 2007-02-01 when mailing list was started)
- [The Mail Archive
(archive goes back to 2008-08-25)
- [ archive](
(archive goes back to 2010-09-26)