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Editable World

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In 2015, I created a game called Editable World. (I wasn't big on naming back then.) Think of it as a bad Minecraft clone in two dimensions. Here's how to play.

You will spawn into a world with colored text representing blocks. You are the yellow L and can use the WASD keys to move. Press B then W, A, S, or D to break a block; press [space bar] then W, A, S, or D to place a block. Placing blocks requires selecting the correct slot of your inventory at the bottom by pressing 1-9. You can populate your inventory by breaking blocks.

Craft by pressing C. When in the crafting window, navigate with the WASD keys, select the desired item with 1-9, then press [enter] to put it into the window. Press [space bar] to complete the recipe.

An overview of blocks in the game is grass (green @), stone (gray @), wood (brown H), leaves (green D), bedrock (blue G), oreberries (red O), monsters (purple M), and chickens (white 6).