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🐱 catQuery

catQuery is a tiny library that makes working with HTML less painful. It's heavily inspired by jQuery, but focuses on being a wrapper for the modern but still convoluted DOM API:s. Therefore it should not be seen as a drop-in replacement for jQuery, as the API will probably work differently even though they may look alike.

It started out as a library that I made for one of my projects, TodoCat, where I until now have only used the raw DOM API without any wrappers.

🚜 Getting started

For now simply download or link to the CDN of the minified catQuery file. I will look into adding it to package managers in the near future.

📖 Documentation

You can documentation on the website or in the source.

🔨 Contributing

catQuery and the website is built with a simple gulp-script. Install gulp if you haven't already, checkout this repo, do a npm install and start gulp. You can now start coding!

Tests are done with Jasmine, you'll find the specs in tests/spec.js. Docs are automatically generated with docco. You can run your tests and check the docs in a local web server that will be running at port 8080.

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