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# This script requires the use of the macdeployqt tool that is found in Qt 4.5
if [ -d $ ] ; then
echo "$ already exists"
exit 1;
# build app with Qt libraries
make distclean --quiet
qmake -config release
make --quiet
$QTDIR/bin/macdeployqt $
# Create Bundle
mkdir $DIR
#cp $BACKGROUND $DIR/.Background.png
cp -rf $ $DIR/
hdiutil create -ov -srcfolder $DIR -format UDBZ -volname "$APP $VERSION" "$APP.dmg"
hdiutil internet-enable -yes "$APP.dmg"
rm -rf $DIR
DATE=`date +"%m-%d-%Y"`
mv $APP.dmg "$APP Snapshot ($DATE) Intel-qt4.5.dmg"
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