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Give the user a way to bypass the failsafe and restore their session

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1 parent ac0504b commit 63b4833b39a66a997be99369678a353a97c09d6e @icefox icefox committed Sep 24, 2009
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@@ -465,9 +465,10 @@ bool BrowserApplication::restoreLastSession()
QSettings settings;
if (settings.value(QLatin1String("restoring"), false).toBool()) {
- QMessageBox::information(0, tr("Restore failed"),
- tr("The saved session will not be restored because Arora crashed while trying to restore this session."));
- return false;
+ QMessageBox::StandardButton result = QMessageBox::question(0, tr("Restore failed"),
+ tr("Arora crashed while trying to restore this session. Should I try again?"), QMessageBox::Yes | QMessageBox::No);
+ if (result == QMessageBox::No)
+ return false;
// saveSession will be called by an AutoSaver timer from the set tabs
// and in saveSession we will reset this flag back to false

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