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OpeNoise Meter is an app for Android and iOS to measure noise
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OPENOISE - APP TO MEASURE NOISE: This repository contains the IONIC 2 source files (src folder). See the released apps in the official markets:


  • Real-time A-weighted sound pressure level measurement
  • Minimum and maximum level
  • Third octave and FFT analysis
  • Data saving in text file
  • Calibration

TERM OF USE: This app is not intended for professional use, it does not necessarily guarantee an accurate noise measurement. Since each device has a different response to noise, a comparison with a professional noise level meter in the measurement dynamic range is required. The utilization of the app requires adequate technical knowledge and skill; an extemporary measurement might not be correct.

DEVELOPERS: Arpa Piemonte (Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment of Piedmont - Italy -


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