A mock backbone model structure to allow creation of application around simulated API endpoint
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WiserTogether Backbone Test

This is a skeleton app based on backbone.js designed for you to demonstrate your skills in writing Javascript-based features and templates. The application is structured so that it will deliver a static set of information about a health condition. Follow the instructions below to complete the test and submit your work.

Setting Up

If you have cloned this repository, then you are pretty much good to go. Open the index.html file in your favorite development browser and you should see a screen that says "Test Application" and "Welcome to the WiserTogether test Backbone Application". If you see this, then everything is working properly as it stands.

The Test

This is a simple test. A model has been created in the apps/test/models.js file called TestApp.Models.Condition. This model has fetch and save methods on it. When fetching, it will deliver the content outlined in the data structure. The data structure is a JSON object describing treatments for the "Aneurysm" condition (a health condition having to do with the heart).

Your goal is to accomplish the following:

  1. Convert the existing namespaced Javascript to javascript modules using the async script loader of your choice. We have included require.js and the requirejs handlebars plugin in the repository for your convenience, but feel free to use an alternate async loader if you prefer.
  2. Create a link on the first page of the app that brings the user to the Aneurysm page
    • This page should be bookmarkable with a hash-based URL (#/slug/)
    • The browser Back button should work to move between this page and the main page
  3. Create a Template to render the Aneurysm content
    • Be sure this Template utilizes data supplied by the Condition model
  4. Create a View to render the Aneurysm content
    • The View needs to fetch data from the Condition model
    • The View needs to render the Template you have created

Once you have a working link and Aneurysm page displaying, do one more thing:

Do something interesting to make your demo a little bit better.

Submitting Your Results

Submit your results by emailing us a patchset created via the git format-patch command.

Email your patchset to: tech-jobs@wisertogether.com


Install node.js and npm::

$ sudo apt-get install nodejs npm

Install coffee-script and r.js

$ sudo npm install -g requirejs


To build main JS file from CoffeeScript::

$ source ./build_script.sh