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A generic ABox editor, developed in the framework of IMARECULTURE EU project
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Arpenteur project: Ontology Editor, Protégé Plugin.

What is it?

The Arpenteur project is a combination of two projects:

  • NYM Editor (Ontology Editor): is an easy tool to manipulate all kind of ontologies.
  • NYM Plugin (Protégé Plugin): is a Protégé editor plugin to simplify manipulation of ontologies.

The Latest Version

There is no known latest version, it is still under development.


The documentation will be available in the official website as soon as the development finish.

Running the prototype (Editor):

Import the source code to Eclipse and open the package edu.amu.nym.editor.ui, right click on the class, then click on Run As then Java Application

Running the prototype (Plugin):

Open project location in the CMD/Terminal, then type the following command:

`# mvn clean package`

Go to workspace\owlAmphorae\target, copy the jar file and paste it in plugin folder of Protégé, then run Protégé.


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