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The project consists in the development of a decentralized chat. The objetive of this chat is to provide a service in which the messages are not stored in a server but in each one of the nodes (users) of the system. The idea behind is similar to the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) approach for sharing content over the Internet. Documentation is stored on /src/docs folder.

Compile and run

Install node dependencies:

 npm i
 npm install http-server --global

Launch server locally:

 npm run build:web

The application is available in the IP address shown after previous command. If you prefer you can try the app here:

Launch unit tests (Asumming nmp i command has been already executed)

npm test

Launch BDD tests (Asumming nmp i command has been already executed and you are running the application at localhost)

npm run-script cucumber


  • Avello Díaz, Enrique

  • Díaz Ceñera, Mario

  • Marín Iglesias, Óscar

  • Menéndez De Luarca Trabanco, Lino

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