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Welcome to the AT&T IoT Device SDK. This guide covers the simple steps to connect your DragonBoard410c to the AT&T m2x IoT Service using the AT&T M2X library.

The AT&T M2X library aims to provide a simple wrapper to interact with the AT&T M2X API for C using the MQTT protocol. It provides all the needed operations and methods to connect your devices to AT&T's M2X service.

Note: While this guide focuses on the installation of the c-client library, AT&T offers the library in many other languages as well.

1. Create an M2X Account

Signup for an M2X Account here

  • Once logged in, select devices and press the create-new button. Create a new device. In the form fill out all the requested information:

DeviceName: In order to identify your device amongst many other devices you can specify a unique DeviceID or even add additional device meta-data.

Stream: For now just setup a example stream called “temperature”. Then click got to device. This

  • Open your account settings and obtain your Master Key from the Master Keys tab. Note the Master key as you will need it at a later step.

2. Install the M2X library on the device

With the account setup complete we can now turn to the device. The following steps require you to type a few commands in a terminal window on the device. So lets start a terminal window:

  • Download the M2X library onto the device:
mkdir ~/m2x
cd ~/m2x
git clone
cd m2x-c-mqtt
git submodule update --init
  • Install dependencies:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev
  • Build the library and examples:
make examples

3. Use the m2x library to connect to the m2x-IoT-Service

Congratulations! Now that the library is installed on the device you can start calling its API-functions to connect to the m2x IoT service.

To see the library in action let’s checkout one of the many examples that ship with the library:

  • Edit the list_devices example with your favorite editor:
cd examples
leafpad list_devices.c

Edit the M2X_KEY variable with your unique Master-key:

const char *M2X_KEY=” your Master-key here ”
  • Recompile the example:
  • Execute the example:
  • You should see the following output:
Response code: 200
Feed ID	: <your feed ID>
Name	: <your device name(s)>

For the full API documentation please refer to:

For further information and additional examples please see the Arrow GitHub repository for AT&T M2X:


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