Arsenal Image Mounter mounts the contents of disk images as complete disks in Microsoft Windows.
Visual Basic C++ C
Latest commit 379a229 Apr 5, 2016 Olof Lagerkvist Driver/API
* Driver now supports CD/DVD emulation.

* Corrected some problems with missing paths etc in driver source
project files. Driver source code changed from C to C++. Use WDK 7.1.0
or Visual Studio 2015 with WDK 10 to build the driver.

* A few corrections to message texts and similar in low level API and
command line tool. Also a safer way for the API to recognize the correct
disk object as a particular virtual disk, to avoid confusion and the
risk of formatting the wrong drive when creating and formatting a new
virtual disk from command line.

* ARM architecture versions of driver and unmanaged command line tool
and API. Can be used on Windows 10 IoT versions, for example on
Raspberry Pi. Run "devcon install" to install driver, or use "dism" tool
to include driver package in a distribution image.

* For directly mounted (raw) image files or RAM disks, the driver now
supports live extending of disk size. Use for instance aim_ll -e -u
000000 -s 1G command line to extend device 000000 by 1 GB. You can then
create a new partition in the new space, or extend an existing partition
over it using Disk Management, diskpart or similar tools.


Arsenal Image Mounter mounts the contents of disk images as complete disks in Microsoft Windows. Arsenal Image Mounter includes a virtual SCSI adapter (via a unique Storport miniport driver) which allows users to benefit from disk-specific features in Windows like integration with Disk Manager, access to Volume Shadow Copies, and more. As far as Windows is concerned, the contents of disk images mounted by Arsenal Image Mounter are “real” SCSI disks.

Arsenal Image Mounter is only available here under the AGPL-3.0 license ( Arsenal Consulting, Inc. (d/b/a Arsenal Recon) retains the copyright to Arsenal Image Mounter.

Contributors to Arsenal Image Mounter must sign the Arsenal Contributor Agreement ("ACA"). The ACA gives Arsenal and the contributor joint copyright interests in the contributed code.

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