@malle-pietje malle-pietje released this Nov 20, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

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merged pull-request #58 by @sprocktech which provides an optional login form
made theme switch dynamic without requiring a page reload (may be slow though when viewing large collections)

@malle-pietje malle-pietje released this Oct 24, 2018 · 9 commits to master since this release

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included API client class version 1.1.36
changed layout of the dropdowns
changed position of the "reset PHP session" tooltip
added support for new stat_ips_events() method, only supported with controllers 5.9.10 and higher
capitalized string "json" where applicable

Assets 2
  • added support for new methods implemented in API client class version 1.1.33 for gateway stats (requires controller version 5.8.X and higher)
  • general code cleanup
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  • changed and moved favicon to a separate file
  • made theme selection persistent by storing its value in the browser local storage
  • changed the order of the drop-down menu contents
  • added support for the new list_backups() method/function in the API client class
  • bumped version
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added "copy to clipboard" feature
changed all dropdown menus to be scrollable
updated README formatting

Assets 2

included API client class v1.1.31
added support for list_firewallgroups()
implemented fix for site names with Ampersands not showing up correctly in the nav bar

Assets 2
  • include PHP API client class version 1.1.30
  • support site names which contain URL-unfriendly characters such as single and double quotes
Assets 2

include API client class 1.1.25
add support for list_country_codes()

Assets 2
  • added support for list_known_rogueaps()
Assets 2
  • fixed typo causing the tool to throw an error
  • fixed debug mode