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Jasper Speedtest Module which allows you to run speedtest.net tests and sends you the report to your email.

Steps to install Speedtest Module

  • Install the speedtest-cli package via pip:
sudo pip install speedtest-cli
  • run the following commands in order:
git clone https://github.com/ArtBIT/jasper-module-speedtest.git
cp jasper-module-speedtest/Speedtest.py <path to jasper/client/modules>
#i.e. cp jasper-module-speedtest/Speedtest.py /usr/local/lib/jasper/client/modules/
  • Edit ~/.jasper/profile.yml and add the following at the bottom:
  email: 'email.to.send.reports.to@whatever.com'
  • Make sure you have mailgun or gmail account set-up for Jasper.
  • Restart the Pi:
sudo reboot

Congrats, JASPER Speedtest Module is now installed and ready for use.

Here are some examples:

YOU: Speedtest
JASPER: Okay, this will only take a minute. *runs the test and reports the upload/download speeds back to you*