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CocoaPods Carthage compatible license


AFViewShaker is simple as a brick utility for UIView shake animation.


Create shaker for one view
AFViewShaker * viewShaker = [[AFViewShaker alloc] initWithView:self.formView];
Create shaker for multiple views
NSArray * allFields = @[self.emailField, self.passwordField];
AFViewShaker * viewShaker = [[AFViewShaker alloc] initWithViewsArray:allFields];
Shake with default parameters
[self.viewShaker shake];
Shake with additional parameters
[self.viewShaker shakeWithDuration:0.6 completion:^{
    NSLog(@"Hello World!");


Using CocoaPods

Add the following to your Podfile and run $ pod install

pod "AFViewShaker", "~> 0.0.4"

Using Carthage

Add the following to your Cartfile and run $ carthage update

github "ArtFeel/AFViewShaker", ~> 0.0.4

For Xamarin users

If you are using Xamarin.iOS, check out this port by Robert Waggott.