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Laser Cutter
-Newly purchased by FabGuild
-32x18 bed
-can cut you in half, if you are an inch thick

Big Screen Plaza
-16x30ft Screen in Midtown
-Two cameras, one trained on the plaza, one on the screen

Maker Bot 3D Printer
-Create 3D plastic objects
-Mega awesome

1 mac mini
1.25 g4/1gb/40gb/Combo/modeM/mac osx

1 VGA short throw projector

2 pico projectors
how do they make 'em so small!?

5 dlp projectors

4 dvd players

1 computer speakers

2 older imacs, g4

3 LCD computer monitors
20 inch

1 digital frame
10 inch

PA system

2 turntables, 1210's

1 dj mixer, allen heath

1 live sound mixer 12 channels

2 household grade sewing machines

Alpha One Hardware Station Soldering irons
Wire cutters
Arduinos for sale?