WordPress test framework has been refactored and now support autoloading via Composer. Still experimental.
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WP Testing framework

DISCLAIMER: This project is experimental.

This is a fork of the official WordPress testing tools. This framework has been adapted to be used with Composer and thereby support autoloading. Another change is that the WP Unit test cases has been decoupled from the bootstrap file. This is good due to how PHPUnit works, PHPUnit loads all testfiles when it starts before this meant that the WordPress install and related activities were run even when they were not required. Most of the code that relates to WordPress Trac and the standard WordPress testsuite has also been removed.

It is compatible with default WordPress testing setup.

How to use

Step 1

Setup WordPress testing environment as usual. See WordPress PHPUnit. You need to provide the runner with the path to WordPress and to the config file. It does not use the WP_TESTS_DIR environment variable.

Step 2

Install this framework using Composer.

Step 3

Create a phpunit.xml file in the project root directory. The example file below defines 3 test suites that PHPUnit should run by default. The listener is used to load the bootstrap file for each test suite.

        <testsuite name="unit">
            <directory prefix="" suffix="Test.php">./tests/unit</directory>
        <testsuite name="integration">
            <directory prefix="" suffix="Test.php">./tests/integration</directory>
        <testsuite name="acceptance">
            <directory prefix="" suffix="Test.php">./tests/acceptance</directory>
        <listener class="\ArtOfWP\WP\Testing\BootstrapLoader"></listener>

Create a bootstrap.php file in the tests directory in project root that points to the Composer autoload file.

require $root_dir . '/vendor/autoload.php';

Create a bootstrap for each test suite that requires one. Test suite bootstrap files are optional.

  • tests/bootstrap-unit.php
  • tests/bootstrap-integration.php
  • tests/bootstrap-acceptance.php
  • tests/unit/bootstrap.php
  • tests/integration/bootstrap.php
  • tests/acceptance/bootstrap.php

For integration tests the following will install WordPress and activate plugins.

use ArtOfWP\WP\Testing\WP_Bootstrap;
$GLOBALS['wp_tests_options'] = array(
    'active_plugins' => array(
(new WP_Bootstrap($wordpress_path, __DIR__ . '/wp-tests-config.php'))->run();

Step 4

Depending on your setup just enter phpunit or vendor/bin/phpunit in the terminal. To run just the unit tests you enter phpunit --testsuite unit