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SMPTE/LTC decoder for Teensy 3.2 microcontroller audio shield
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LTC decoder for Teensy

For synchronization between several devices SMPTE timecode data is often encoded into audio using LTC or linear time code.

This repository contains an LTC decoder for a Teensy 3.2 microcontroller with audio shield.

The audio shield takes care of the line level audio input. This audio input is then decoded. The decoding is done by libltc. The library runs as is on a Teensy, no modifications are needed. The repository is split up in three parts:

  • LTCDecoder contains a PlatformIO Teensy project for the Atom text editor.
  • etc contains an LTC decoder for PC, use the makefile to build an executable. It also contains some short SMPTE test files
  • doc contains a picture of the hardware needed.

Teensy with audio shield
This repository contains an SMPTE/LTC decoder for a Teensy 3.2 with audio shield. The audio shield is used only for line level input of the audio.

Installation and use

Download PlatformIO and run the project in the LTCDecoder folder on a Teensy with audio shield connected to your computer. Alternatively copy the source files to an Arduino project.

To use the decoder connect the line level input left channel to an SMPTE source via e.g. an RCA plug.

Teensy  audio shield
The audio shield is used for line level input of the audio. Use the left channel.


Since libltc uses LGPL, LGPL is used here as well.


Developed by Joren Six at IPEM, University Ghent for the ASIL lab of de Krook.

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