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A fast archive format, designed for storing game data. (Plus a reference implementation in Erlang)

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kzkpack - a simple archive format for game data

This project is licensed under the WTFPL, version 2. Check the COPYING
file for more details.

Any feedback, bug reports should be reported on :

If you need to contact the author, send an email to


To compile the Erlang source files, and create the "kzkpack"
executable utility, just run the `make` command.

To run the tests, run `make tests`. If they fail, then something is
very wrong!

Format specification

A complete description is in the README.format file. If the
description is ambiguous in any way, then the Erlang implementation
provided acts as the reference.

Command-line interface

Even though pack files are primarily intended for games (where pack
contents is accessed programmatically), a command-line tool is
provided, and can be used to manipulate / create packs from the

The full help can be read in the README.usage file. The same file will
also be printed if you try to use the tool with incorrect arguments.

Caveats / Known issues

- A major version bump (for example 2.x -> 3.0) indicates incompatible
  changes in the pack format itself. The new version will NOT be able
  to read old packs! Be sure to unpack any existing packs with the old
  version before upgrading, then recreate the pack with the new
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