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<p>Hello there, to day i want to share <a href="" target="_blank">bare bones template</a> for <a href="">Django</a> + <a href="">Ansible</a> + <a href="">Vagrant</a></p>
<p>Here is project structure</p>
<p>├── ansible.cfg<br />
├── deployment<br />
├── docs<br />
├──<br />
├──<br />
├── requirements.txt<br />
├── testproj<br />
└── Vagrantfile</p>
<p>You can clone template project which includes example setup for Django + Ansible + Vagrant.</p>
<code class="language-bash">git clone</code></pre>
<p>Rename `<code>testproj</code>` folder to your desired name and replace all `<code>testproj</code>` words with the same name.</p>
<p>And you will get fully setup Django + Ansible + Vagrant project.</p>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Github source</a></p>