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import json
import requests
ORG = "githubotik-inc"
PROJECT = "Backlog"
TOKEN = ""
headers = {
'Accept': 'application/vnd.github.inertia-preview+json',
'Authorization': 'token {}'.format(TOKEN),
def get_items(url):
r = requests.get(url, headers=headers)
return json.loads(r.content)
def list_issues():
url = "{0}/orgs/{1}/repos?per_page=100".format(GITHUB_URL, ORG)
repos = get_items(url)
issues = []
for r in repos:
url = "{0}/repos/{1}/{2}/issues?per_page=100".format(GITHUB_URL, ORG, r['name'])
issues = get_items(url)
for i in issues:
yield i['id']
def get_project_id(project_name):
url = "{0}/orgs/{1}/projects".format(GITHUB_URL, ORG)
projects = get_items(url)
for p in projects:
if p['name'] == project_name:
return p['id']
raise ValueError("No project with such name")
def get_column_id(project_name, column_name):
proj_id = get_project_id(project_name)
url = "{0}/projects/{1}/columns".format(GITHUB_URL, proj_id)
colums = get_items(url)
for c in colums:
if c['name'] == column_name:
return c['id']
raise ValueError("No column with such name")
def create_card(project_name, column_name, issue_id):
col_id = get_column_id(project_name, column_name)
url = "{0}/projects/columns/{1}/cards".format(GITHUB_URL, col_id)
data = {'content_id': issue_id, 'content_type': 'Issue'}
r =, headers=headers, data=json.dumps(data))
if not "Project already has the associated issue" in r.content:
for i in list_issues():
create_card(PROJECT, COLUMN, i)