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Releases: Artfunkel/gimp-vtf


11 Apr 15:16
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  • Fixed errors on Windows XP


11 Apr 15:18
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  • Upgraded to GIMP 2.8.
  • Added 64-bit support.
  • Now saves top-level layer groups to separate VTF files. Store albedos, bumps, masks, and anything else in the same XCF!
  • Export settings are now remembered after GIMP is closed.
  • Now writes I8/IA8 if the image is grayscale and the user wants an uncompressed format.
  • Fixed non-localised layer names when loading animated VTFs.
  • Removed HDR pixel formats. Neither GIMP nor VTFLib support this yet.

1.1 (for GIMP 2.6)

11 Apr 15:20
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  • Upgraded to VTFLib 1.3.2 for VTF 7.5 support
  • Each open image now has its own save settings
  • Save settings are now filled in when loading a VTF
  • Flags not covered by the UI are now preserved when saving an opened file
  • Added a simplified format selection (do you want compression, do you want alpha)
  • Added options to save with LOD disabled, Clamping and/or the Bump/SSBump flags
  • Added a VTF version option when saving
  • Added LOD Control setting (human-configurable!)
  • Added explanatory tooltips
  • Added localisation support (no actual translations, but creating them is now possible)
  • Fixed errors when saving an image after its designated alpha layer has been removed
  • Fixed error when alpha layer doesn't fit the image
  • Graceful out-of-memory handling