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Personally I find a constant speed a better experience for short scrolls, but scrolling a long page would take too long. With a max duration set, scrolling is always constant up to a given length.
**Callback functions beforeScroll and afterScroll.** Both functions get the scroll options object passed that can be changed "on the fly".
-The beforeScroll function also acts as a delegate: pass 'false' to stop scrolling.
+The beforeScroll function also **acts as a delegate:** pass 'false' to stop scrolling.
Both callback functions can be **called after an optional delay.** For instance to scroll up to tab pane buttons, wait a little, and switch to a different tab.
@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ Change the scroll object:
## Demo
-See at
+See working code and illustration of options at
## License

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