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WebAssembly ‑ Play online.

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sudo snap install inthecube


In The Cube is a platform/puzzle game.

Indeed, you will have to solve a multitude of challenges. Your agility and
reflection vill be put to the test.

The key to saving the world lies in a 1cm long cube, which is why an even
smaller cube that you will embody is sent inside.

Through more than thirty levels, you will discover a multitude of mechanisms
(laser, mirrors,…). Manipulate them with talent to go through the cube.

Strange machines are found in the most advanced levels.

This game use the SMK library made by the same author of this game.


This game was originaly made 8 years ago in 2011. Then I converted
it to WebAssembly. Even if it has been hugely refactored this year, its code is
still a bit "low quality".

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