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A tool made for the Java programming language, it allows users to make configurations using only enums.
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A tool made for the Java programming language, it allows users to make configurations using only enums.

What is EnumToConfiguration?

EnumToConfiguration is a library created by Articdive (Lukas Mansour). It's an open-source library that allows you to create configurations with Java's enums. The aim of EnumToConfiguration is to make configurations easy to use, easily accessible and useable with minimal code.

How can I use EnumToConfiguration?

EnumToConfiguration is primarily available to maven users.
To add it to your maven project use the following repository and dependency:


Usage in Java

EnumToConfiguration will require a file and an enum to work.
The enum must implement de.articdive.enum_to_configuration.ConfigurationNode.
The enum might look something like this:

import de.articdive.enum_to_configuration.ConfigurationNode;
import de.articdive.enum_to_configuration.ConfigurationSection;

public enum ConfigEnum implements ConfigurationNode {
    MY_NODE("nodePath", "defaultValue", "Comments"),
    MY_PARENT_NODE("parent", new ConfigurationSection(), "This is a parent Node"),
    MY_CHILD_NODE("parent.node", "My Child Value", "This is a child node");
    private final String path;
    private final Object defaultValue;
    private final String[] comments;
    ConfigEnum(String path, Object defaultValue, String... comments) {
        this.path = path;
        this.defaultValue = defaultValue;
        this.comments = comments;
    public String getPath() {
        return path;
    public Object getDefaultValue() {
        return defaultValue;
    public String[] getComments() {
        return comments;

Then create an EnumConfiguration with the EnumConfigurationBuilder, which requires an output File and the enum's class.

EnumConfiguration enumConfiguration = new EnumConfigurationBuilder(file, ConfigEnum.class).build;

EnumToConfiguration supports YAML, HOCON and TOML and you can switch the values by using the setType(ConfigurationType type ) method in the EnumConfigurationBuilder.

To get any values use the get(ConfigurationNode node) or the get(String path) methods:

Object value = enumConfiguration.get(ConfigEnum.MY_NODE);

To set any values use the set(ConfigurationNode node, Object o) or the set(String path, Object o) ,ethods:

enumConfiguration.set(ConfigEnum.MY_NODE, "newValue");

I have a question, issue, request, suggestion or similar.

Please open an issue here on GitHub.

I want to donate.

I highly appreciaite donations, especially when others make money by using my library.
I will not force you to donate nor will I treat you otherwise for not.
Please only donate if you are over the age of 18 or have permission from a legal guardian and use your own money.


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