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Next-Gen Isomorphic Application Engine for Embedded, Console, Mobile, Server and Desktop
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lycheeJS (0.8.6)





lycheeJS is a Next-Gen Isomorphic Application Engine that offers a complete solution for prototyping and deployment of HTML5, native OpenGL, native OpenGLES and libSDL2 based applications.

The project has the goal to ease up development of applications and shipment to further platforms. The development process is optimized for Blink-based browsers (Chromium, Google Chrome, Opera) and their developer tools.

Current target platforms

  • Browsers (all) via html
  • Linux (arm, x86, x86_64) via html-nwjs, iojs
  • Windows (x86, x86_64) via html-nwjs, iojs
  • OSX (x86_64) via html-nwjs, iojs
  • Android (all) via html-webview, iojs
  • FirefoxOS (all) via html-webview

Planned target platforms

  • Linux (all) via iojs-sdl
  • Android (all) via iojs-sdl
  • Browsers (all) via html-webgl
  • iOS (arm) via html-webview

The lycheeJS-runtime repository contains all binary pre-compiled runtimes included in the bundles.

The lycheeJS-bundle repository contains all logic required to generate operating system ready bundles.

Bundle Installation

There are prebuilt bundles that ship all dependencies and runtimes lycheeJS needs in order to work and cross-compile properly. These bundles should be installed on the developer's machine and not on the target platform. Visit for a list of available bundles.

Manual Installation

The netinstall shell script allows to automatically install lycheeJS on any machine (arm, x86 or x86_64). The only requirement for the script is curl and unzip.

# This will create a lycheeJS Installation in ./lycheejs
wget -q -O - | bash;

NPM Installation

There's an npm package available, though npm has several conceptual issues (no multi-platform distribution, no multi-architecture support, no binary shipment runtimes, no cross-compilation sdks, no binary shipment of updates possible etc.).

That's why it is NOT recommended as it complicates the installation process.

Modify the ./lycheejs/package.json/scripts section to get integration with other parts of the node ecosystem.

npm install lycheejs;
mv node_modules/lycheejs ./lycheejs;
git clone ./lycheejs/bin/runtime;

cd lycheejs;
npm run-script localhost;


You want to see what kind of fancy features will arrive next? Take a look at the file.


You want to contribute to the project? Take a look at the file.


lycheeJS is (c) 2012-2015 LazerUnicorns and released under MIT license. The projects and demos are licensed under CC0 (public domain) license. The runtimes are owned and copyrighted by their respective owners.

Take a look at the LICENSE.txt file.

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