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Next-Gen Isomorphic Application Engine for Embedded, Console, Mobile, Server and Desktop
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lycheeJS (2015-Q4)

brought to you as libre software with joy and pride by Artificial Engineering.

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The following repositories are related to the lycheeJS project:

lycheeJS is a Next-Gen Isomorphic Application Engine that offers a complete solution for prototyping and deployment of applications. The underlying technology stack does not matter (HTML5, WebGL, OpenGL, OpenGLES, libSDL) and is completely automated behind the scenes.

The project aims to ease up and automate the design and development process of applications through intelligent software bots that learn from your application code.

The development process is optimized for Blink-based browsers (Chromium, Google Chrome, Opera) and their developer tools.

The target platforms are described as so-called Fertilizers. Those Fertilizers cross-compile everything automagically using a serialized lychee.Environment that is setup in each project's or library's lychee.pkg file.

Target Fertilizer Package arm amd64
Browser html
Linux html-nwjs, node, node-sdl bin
OSX html-nwjs, node app, bin
Windows html-nwjs, node
Android html-webview, node, node-sdl apk, bin
BlackberryOS html-webview, node, node-sdl apk, bin
FirefoxOS html-webview zip
iOS html
Ubuntu Touch html-webview, node, node-sdl deb, bin

The iOS Fertilizer has currently no support for cross-compilation due to XCode limitations. You can still create an own WebView iOS app and use the html platform adapter.

lycheeJS does not ship x86 (32 bit) runtimes in order to save hard disk space. If you still have a x86 computer and want to use lycheeJS, you have to fix (uncomment) at least the node/ script in the ./bin/runtime folder and execute it once before starting the lycheejs-harvester.

Bundle Installation

There are prebuilt bundles that ship all dependencies and runtimes lycheeJS needs in order to work and cross-compile properly. These bundles should be installed on the developer's machine and not on the target platform. Visit for a list of available bundles.

Manual Installation

The netinstall shell script allows to automatically install lycheeJS on any UNIX-compatible machine (arm or amd64). The only requirement for the script itself is curl and unzip.

sudo mkdir -m 0777 /opt/lycheejs;
cd /opt;

# Install lycheeJS into ./lycheejs
wget -q -O - | bash;

Contributor Installation

We love your contributions of any kind. Please consider reading the Contribution Guide to get you started in a couple minutes.

sudo mkdir -m 0777 /opt/lycheejs-edge;
cd /opt/lycheejs-edge;

# Install lycheeJS
git clone ./;
git checkout development;
git clone ./bin/runtime;

# Run lycheeJS
sudo ./bin/;              # use --no-integration if you want a sandboxed installation
lycheejs-harvester start development; # no sudo required


These are the guides that should help you to get started as easy as possible.

Please let us know if we can improve anything in these documents by opening an Issue directly on GitHub.


lycheeJS is (c) 2012-2016 Artificial-Engineering and released under MIT / Expat license. The projects and demos are licensed under CC0 (public domain) license. The runtimes are owned and copyrighted by their respective owners and may be shipped under a different license.

For further details take a look at the LICENSE.txt file.

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