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lychee.js Ranger

The lycheejs-ranger is graphical Tool that helps you manage any lychee.js Harvester installation.

It can modify and set profiles, reboot every project- and library-specific server and the Harvester itself.


The lychee.js Ranger can be started via the Desktop Applications entry or the lycheejs-ranger command.

If you want to connect to a foreign server that is not your local machine, you can tunnel the connection through SSH:

ssh -L 4848:localhost:4848 user@public-server.tld

For security reasons, the Harvester only listens on localhost on the management port 4848, so that no public access is possible.

Project Management

The lychee.js Ranger allows to manage all Projects and Libraries.

The Welcome State offers common functionalities.

  • open Button opens the Project in lychee.js Studio.
  • folder Button opens the Project in the File Manager.
  • start/stop starts and stops the Project server (harvester.js file).
  • web Buttons open the Web Browser at different Web Hosts (ipv4 and ipv6).


Profile Management

The Profile State offers a simple way to edit the lychee.js Harvester profiles on the currently connected remote server.

By default, the lychee.js Harvester offers three Profiles where development and production are the defaulted ones.

All profiles are in sync with the lychee.js Harvester's Profiles.