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lychee.js Strainer

The lycheejs-strainer is a Command-Line Wizard that helps to lint, parse and understand Projects and Libraries and their lychee.js Definitions.

It can be seen as a tool that automatically guesses how your code works and that builds up a knowledge graph, which in return is used by the Artificial Intelligence.

The workflow and how it is used is explained in the Workflow chapter.

The lychee.js Strainer uses eslint to parse the definition files, so you have to install eslint globally before and link it locally into your /opt/lycheejs installation.

# Preparations
sudo npm install -g eslint;
cd /opt/lycheejs;
npm link eslint;

Checking a Project

The lychee.js Strainer can be started in the Terminal (bash) via the lycheejs-strainer command.

The check action will lint, parse and try to understand the Project's or Library's definition files. It will intelligently only try to understand definitions in the lychee.js Definition format. All other file formats are ignored.

cd /opt/lycheejs;

lycheejs-strainer; # show help

cd ./projects/my-project;

lycheejs-strainer check /projects/my-project; # check a project


The screenshot demonstrates typical errors that occur when the Project or Library ignores the lychee.js CODESTYLE Guide.

In the above case a helper method with the name setShell(shell) that uses a typeof check as suggested in the Codestyle would fix the problem.

These hints are automatically parsed in the code, so that the Composition aspect of definitions is freely combine-able and hash-able by the knowledge graph.

As every Definition ships its own properties in the constructor, composition can be done in an automated manner - and allows intelligent memory tracing and fuzz-test generation which is essential for our Artificial Intelligence.