Ruby gem to read and write ID3 metadata from/to MP3 files
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What is ID3 Tags

A ruby gem to read and write ID3 metadata from/to MP3/M4A files

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Why ID3 Tags was born

At Topspin we provide ArtistLink, a platform for musician to upload and share their songs. Artistlink provides a form to read and edit the songs' metadata and stores this information in the ID3 tags of a song. For this task, we created the ID3 Tags gem


ID3 Tags depends on the TagLib library. If you don't have TagLib >= 1.7.2 installed, ID3 Tags will ask to install it.

How to use from the command line

Install by running gem install id3_tags.

Type id3_tags followed by the path of a local file. This is will show the ID3 metadata of that file.

How to use from other programs

  • Include id3_tags in the Gemfile of your bundled project and bundle install
  • To read metadata from a file, run Id3Tags.read_from_file(file_path)
  • To write metadata to a file, run Id3Tags.write_to_file(file_path, metadata)

For more details about the format of the metadata, check the specs or the documentation at

How to contribute

Make sure tests pass, then either submit a Pull Request. Please consider testing against the versions of Ruby supported by ID3 Tags.

A list of nice TODOs is provided. You can also build a new version of the gem and move it to your gem repository.