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ExSartagine adds a small array of foods, useable by any other food mod (normally), because the food is subscribed to the oredictionairy, and it uses entries from the oredictionairy !

What foods are added ?

  • Pizza (fish, chicken, meat, sweet)
  • Pasta (plain, sauced, bolognaise, cheese, veggie)
  • Noodles (chicken, red meat, fish, veggie)
  • Breads (veggie, meat, fine)
  • Cooked Potato
  • Beans
  • Boiled Eggs

And some crafting items ...
Flour, Yeast, Salt, Dough, Pizza Dough, Bread Dough, Curd, Dry Noodles

The How-To for these Foods

Pot Recipes :

The Cooking Pot is a block added by this mod.

  • Boiling Eggs will give Boiled Eggs
  • Boiling BeetRoot Seeds will give you Cooked Beans
  • Boiling Potatoes will give you Cooked Potatoes !
  • Boiling Stone will yield in a little bit of Salt. Not all stones contain salt !! You got approximately 1 chance in 5 that stone contains a bit of salt.
  • In order to make Spaghetti (see recipe bellow for raw spaghetti), boil it in the cooking pot !
  • Raw Noodles (see recipe bellow) need to be boiled to be eaten.

Dough Basics

  • Flour can be made from one Wheat

  • Surround 8 Flour with a bucket of water to get some basic Dough

  • Yeast can be made with any Mushroom and some Sugar

  • Pizza Dough can then be made with Dough, Sugar, Yeast and Salt

  • Bread Dough can be made with Dough, Yeast and Salt

  • Dry Noodles can be made by adding an Egg to Dough


  • Meat Bread can be made with any Meat and 3x Bread Dough
  • Veggie Bread can be made with any 2 Vegetables and Bread Dough
  • Fine Bread is Bread Dough Cooked in a furnace (or pan !)


To make any Pizza, you'll need a pizza base and Cheese !!
Pizza is way to delicious in real life, not to be put in Minecraft. But I didn't want people to forcibly install other mods to get Cheese, so I tried to find a simple way to make a basic Cheese.

Curd is made resource intenser to encourage the use of cheese from other mods

  • Curd can be made with Yeast, Salt, and Milk (milk buckets only)

  • Plain Pizza is made with 3x BeetRoots for the red sauce, some Curd and Pizza Dough

  • Plain Pizza can also be made with 2x Tomatoes instead of Beetroot IF YOU HAPPEN TO HAVE A MOD THAT ADDS TOMATOES Proof here > Code Proof for compatibility with Tomatoes

  • You can then Sprinkle any old favourite ingredient on the pizza to get either one of these combinations !

    • Red Meats : Meat Pizza
    • Chicken : Chicken Pizza
    • Edible Fish : Fish Pizza
    • any Fruit Crop : Sweet Pizza
      Here are some 'vanilla' examples

Noodles / Spaghetti

Both Noodles and Spaghetti have the same base : Stringed Dough, or Dry Noodles for short. (check Dough Section for recipe)
Dry noodles in a bowl will give you Spaghetti base

If you want to make noodles, just cram some raw meat and veggies in there too !
2x Vegetables - Veggie Noodles
1x Vegetable + 1x Red Meat - Meat Noodles
1x Vegetable + 1x Chicken - Chicken Noodles
1x Vegetable + 1x Fish - Fish Noodles

Make sure to boil your noodle dish before eating it !!
in 1.13, Kelp is planned to be added to recipes. Stay Tuned !

Back to Spaghetti !
Once you have boiled your spaghetti base, You can add Beet roots for sauce, or Tomatoes, if you have mods available with those.

Add meat or Curd (cheese if available) to finish of your spaghetti !

All cooked forms of spaghetti can be eaten.


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