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  • bonus ore due to greater refinement!
  • no need for more coal
  • looks better then two furnaces on top of each other
  • more ingots, more exp ! ²

² bonus yield is about 25-35%


  • on average, less experience yield then the furnace counterpart per ingot (0.8 per ingot)
  • needs to be mined with a pickaxe
  • can only smelt ores ²
  • can only be placed on top of a furnace

² recognizes any block out of Forge's ore dictionairy that has the name 'ore' in it.


Shameless advertising :

Renders Molten Ore Inside !! Wauw !!

Renders Molten Ore Inside !! Wauw !!

Pretty Basic Gui With inventive bonus slot !! Waddup !

Pretty Basic Gui !! Waddup !


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