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Downloadable Art Files

##How to make a Resource Pack

put the art files (called either, depending on version, sphax, gibea, tinypics, insane or new_insane) in the folder "assets/subaraki/art"

put the assets folder and pack.mcmeta in a zipfolder.

you can find a basic texture pack for the paintings here :
Resource Pack for Paintings ++ (currently unavailable)

Community provided Files

links provided for when the preview doesn't load

The Default Gibea used by the mod, made by me (

CaptainNorris's Pirate Paintings (insane) (

Glimmar's steam punk sphax edition (sphax) (

More steampunk by Tiger4Ruler (sphax) (

Dragoon998, sorry I was an ass back in july of 2013. Sometimes it's hard to deal with a lot of people at once.
I hope you understand.
Made with : Soartex Fanver, Albion, Basico, Deuteros, Misa :
by Dragoon998 (insane) (

An awesome tinypics version by kaer_enrohk (

A pretty new sphax version by messiahgov (

League of Legends Themed by Tahko (insane) (

Thanks you pipou22 for this renaissance themed insane version ! (

a gibea version from hxck, with a lot of random things, miencraft, sailing, movies, faces, paintings, etc etc

A movie/game themed new_insane version by Delkadous (

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