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Runs commands on a schedule.

Single command

To run a single command use the commandline. The command is specified as the argument and the interval is specified by flags.

There are two flags to specify the interval.

  • -interval [i] - i is a string representing the interval. Examples: 2s, 5m, 4h
  • -cron [c] - c is a cron expression with added seconds. The field should consist of six parts. Documentation can be found Examples: */5 * * * * * - every five seconds. 54 37 13 * * mon - every monday at 13:37:54.

Multiple commands

To run multiple commands at different schedules, use a configuration file. yaml, json and toml is supported.

Name the file run-occasionally.[yaml|json|toml] and put it into the working directory of the application.

Example configuration file:

  - command: date
    interval: "5s"
  - command: echo hello world
    interval: "1s"
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