TechnaPWN's 2013-2014 code for their VEX robot, Nora
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#TechnaPWN Toss Up

##Intro TechnaPWN's 2013-2014 code for their robot, Nora
Created by Joseph Dykstra of VRC Team #3018 for use during the 2013-2014 Vex Toss Up season


  • Sense-Plan-Act paradigm

    • Get and store sensor data in variables
    • Decide what state it's in
    • Process variables and decide how to act upon them
    • Assign Motor, Solenoid, and LCD variables
  • Powerful Autonomous structure

    • Concise, yet easy to read/edit
    • Safe, built in time-out functionality
    • Versatile
      • Can end step via time limit, drive done, lifting done, etc.
      • Can use PID control
      • Can line follow
      • Can follow wall with ultrasonic sensors
  • Slew controller, gradually changes motor power

    • Motors don't hurt themselves as quickly
    • Voltage drop is minimized, less likely to have brown-outs
    • Less likely to tip robot when switching directions with a high COG
  • Operator control

    • Code for strafing with mecanum wheels (would work with x-drive also)
    • Built-in preset lift heights, with manual override
    • Two-driver control setup, but one driver can do it all
  • Intuitive LCD menu system (Requires potentiometer also)

    • Select and start autonomous routines, and view the elapsed time
    • Checklist to see if bot is ready to compete
    • Disable Motor/pneumatic control
    • View Battery, Analog, Digital, and Motor values
    • Advanced motor test
  • Other

    • State friendly, if you lose connection during a match, it will not wait for autonomous selection before driver control is regained
    • If the cortex has a flaky connection, and the backup battery is powering it, it will not run any motors during autonomous so that it will stay on the tile so it can be fixed.
    • Autonomous and state switching data is logged in the debug stream
    • Structures to easily set and compare previous values of a variable
    • Ultrasonic deadzone, in case subsystems occasionally get in front of the sensor
    • Can set LCD backlight to always off/on, blink fast/slow, or turn on for a few seconds every time an LCD button is pressed
    • Free to use and modify!

##License MIT