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O!MPD is free, opensource MPD client based on PHP and MySQL.

MPD is a brilliant application that plays music from many sources, in many formats, but it has no user interface. O!MPD is what MPD needs: user interface which can control MPD and lets you browse your music library in the way you surf the internet.

O!MPD is a fork of netjukebox (5.37).

While netjukebox also supports VideoLAN and Winamp/httpQ, O!MPD supports O!nly MPD.

Main features

  • responsive design – works in modern web browsers, on various devices, various screen resolutions
  • user-defined Quick search
  • browse your library by user-defined tags or artists, genres, years, adding time
  • control all of MPDs in your network
  • smart search for another versions of currently playing song
  • search for info about artist and album (Google, Wiki, AllMusic…)
  • search the library for specific phrase (album/track artist, album/track title)
  • search albums and tracks of multiple/single artists
  • search for lyrics
  • Favorites (aka. playlists) and Blacklist
  • suggestions of albums to listen
  • statistics for played music and whole collection
  • skins
  • support for TIDAL

O!MPD requirements

  • PHP 5.2.0 or later with extension: GD2, ICONV, MBSTRING, MYSQLi, JSON and CTYPE
  • MySQL 4.1.0 or later
  • Music Player Daemon (MPD)


The installation instruction can be found on


All configuration parameters can be set in: include/

You can also copy this file into include/ and there make all nessesary changes - those changes will override default values from include/

Very large files

O!MPD should support files larger than 2GB (64-bit PHP installations only) - but it was not tested.

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