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Complete interface that replaces CGRU's one.
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Draco CGRU



  • Install CGRU (
  • Delete the folder /afanasy/browser containing the CGRU web interface.
  • Copy the folder 'browser' to the same location in CGRU.


  • Generate the general CSS file from the sources: sass --update afanasy/browser/css/src/main.scss afanasy/browser/css/main.min.css --style compressed
  • Generate the general JS file from the sources: uglifyjs afanasy/browser/js/src/*.js afanasy/browser/js/src/interface/*.js afanasy/browser/js/src/nodes/*.js -c -m -o afanasy/browser/js/scripts.min.js --source-map


  • Windows: To integrate a window in the grid (once it is unlocked), use the CTRL key.
  • Sub-Windows: For example, you can access Task windows by double-clicking on a Job.
  • Refresh: The active window has a higher refresh (visible thanks to the circle on the left side of the title bar).
  • Last Update: This time corresponds to that elapsed since the last completed query.
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