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Radicale plugin for dovecot authentication
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Radicale Dovecot Auth

Dovecot authentication plugin for Radicale.


pip3 install radicale-dovecot-auth


Ensure that user running radicale has read and write permissions to the socket created by auth-userdb.

type = radicale_dovecot_auth

auth_socket = path_to_socket

# or tcp based
auth_host = localhost
auth_port = 10000

You may need to add a new auth socket to dovecot:

unix_listener auth-client {
        path = path_to_socket
        mode = 0660
        user = radicale
        group = postfix

Or tcp based:

inet_listener auth-client {
        address = localhost
        port = 10000

Authentication Backend

DovecotAuth provides authentication against a Dovecot authentication service using the PLAIN mechanism.

Only version 1.1 as described in the Dovecot Wiki

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