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Simple, scalable smart contracts on the Arweave protocol

Uses lazy-evaluation to move the burden of contract execution from network nodes to smart contract users. Currently, SmartWeave supports JavaScript, using the client's unmodified execution engine.

Version: 0.4

For information on how the contracts execute, how to write one, and the API, read the Contract Guide and check some of the examples

For information on how to create a new Profit Sharing Token (PST), you can read the PST Creation Guide.

For a description of the SDK methods available, you can check here

CLI Usage

npm install -g smartweave

You can deploy a contract as follows:

smartweave create [SRC LOCATION] [INITIAL STATE FILE] --key-file [YOUR KEYFILE]

Or, using an existing contract source that is already deployed but with a new initial state and contract id:

smartweave [SRC TX] [INITIAL STATE FILE] --key-file [YOUR KEYFILE]

Check its state:

smartweave read [CONTRACT TXID]

Interact with it:

smartweave write [CONTRACT TXID] --key-file [YOUR KEYFILE] \

When interacting with the contract, the value passed to --input must be valid json. Typically an object is used:

--input '{ "function": "transfer", "qty": 1984 }'

To test a contract interaction without writing it to the network, append --dry-run to your --interact call.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.