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Mirrors Edge:Catalyst SpeedOMeter

A simple SpeedOMeter for Mirrors Edge Catalyst (by Captainanderz and Aryetis)

Windows might declare this program a virus (which it is not...) simply because we're using "user32.dll" and "kernel32.dll" Trust issues ? Might as well check this virustotal page result => Virustotal


Okay but what does it looks like in game ? Take a look

Disclaimer !

Please note, that "FullScreen Mode" hijack the variable used by the In Game available Fps counter (yes there is one). So if you're using it, or anything related to it (PerfOverlay.DisplayMethod, PerfOverlay.FpsDraw, etc), you might want to save your modifications before using this software as it will reset those settings to default values. If you have no idea what this speech is all about, then don't worry, you're not concerned.

planned features for Updates 1.4v (release date ? You wish ! Compile it yourself please)

  • Serialization / automatic save and load of SpeedOMetter settings

  • Dynamic setting support for Windowed/Borderless method (allow users to tweak settings once the Windowed/Borderless SpeedOMeter is running)

  • Trying to hijack another IG variable to print a proper string instead of a simple Int

  • Allow the user to run "FullScreen Mode" hack even thought MEC isn't launched yet (sparing them a alt tab)

  • Add a font selector for windowed/borderless Method, and maybe even Fullscreen Mode (need further investigations)

  • Add global hotkey to turn off/on SpeedOMeter

  • Hack FPS graph do display speed too, could be useful to compare some routes for dashes and stuff

  • Fix "unHandledException crash" on exit and when trying to stop the FullScreen Method hack while ME:C has been shut off (DONE)

  • Add a "Launch Mirror's Edge : Catalyst" button to spare the user some effort (DONE)

Updates 1.3v (Latest x86/x64 version)

  • Added Fullscreen Compatible Method with better performance
  • Added xOffset, YOffset, Alpha, Font Scaling (for fullscreen Method only)
  • Dynamic settings, you can tweak the SpeedOMeter while it's running (fullscreen Method Only)
  • Code cleaning, minors bugs removed and such

Updates 1.2v

  • Added Menu
  • Change color
  • Change refesh-rate
  • Amount of decimals
  • Start - close buttons
  • GameState status

Updates 1.1v

  • Now with decimals
  • New Font (Original Mirrors Edge)
  • Checks if you start the program as administrator


  • Thanks to derwangler for the float values
  • Thanks to iMP3RiU5 for helping me with some math problems
  • Thanks to Tremwil for moral support, helping me and supporting my Visual Studio Rants


Mirror's Edge Catalyst Fork (Added FullScreen Support Method)






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