Edit Missions

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How to edit SQM missions:

Mission.sqm can be found inside your mission folder (or pbo). It's an essential file, that tells to Arma almost all the map configs (Weather, wind direction, waves direction, time, etc), and also, allows you to place custom buildings and objects in the map.

To edit your mission, first, go to this directory: %userprofile%\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\

Now, open your Arma Profile Name (The in-game name) folder and copy the mission folder (Ex: Altis_Life.Altis) to the Missions folder.

So, after this, open your Arma, and then, in the Main Menu, open the Editor.

You'll need to select the map & the kind of editor. (Newer Life missions only support 3D Editor)

After it shows up, press ctrl + O (Or the icon "Load") and then, select the mission you copied.