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The collaborators of the Framework repository use various labels to help organise issues and pull requests.

Below is a list of the repository's custom labels and how they are used:

Label Name Description
bug-fix The pull request fixes a bug or other issue with the framework.
duplicate The issue or pull request is a duplicate of a previous one. The original issue or pull request should be linked to in a comment.
enhancement The pull request enhances upon an existing feature, function, or other mechanic.
The issue suggests or describes an enhancement to the framework.
invalid The issue or pull request is invalid and is to be closed. The reason should be stated in a comment.
major-bug The issue describes a major bug that breaks the core functionality of the mission.
merge-conflict The pull request has a merge conflict that must be resolved before it can be merged.
minor-bug The issue describes a minor bug that affects a small part of the mission's functionality or mechanic.
needing-confirmation The issue described needs to be reproduced to confirm that it is legitimately an issue with the framework.
new-feature The pull request implements a new feature, function, or other mechanic to the framework.
The issue suggests or describes a new feature, function, or other mechanic.
pending The pull request is pending changes that were suggested by another contributor or framework collaborator.
question The issue is actually a question.
ready-to-merge The pull request has been approved by a collaborator and is ready to be merged by another collaborator.
suggestion The issue suggests a change to the framework.