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code-links package

🚨 Deprecated 🚨

If you use code-links for scanning JavaScript and not CoffeeScript, you should uninstall it and install js-hyperclick and hyperclick instead.


code-links does two things:

  1. Provide a service allowing other plugins to scan code to produce links.
  2. Acts as one of those other plugins providing JavaScript scanning.

Combining these two was a mistake that I'm going to fix now. hyperclick completely overlaps with the first goal of this project. As for the 2nd goal, I have rewritten code-links as js-hyperclick.

What about the other plugins?

I got no traction in getting others to write plugins for code-link. The only plugin I'm aware of is coffee-links. I have no plans to rewrite or migrate this plugin. I have moved away from using CoffeeScript as it provides very few benefits over ES6.

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